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PSD2 compliance for a regional bank in Europe

RCB Bank Ltd is a European bank with over 20 year history and one of the largest financial institutions in Cyprus. The Bank operates a universal banking model and serves thousands of local and international clients.



  • The client needed a quick and efficient way to become PSD2 compliant
  • They also needed a way to expose advanced APIs designed specifically for business clients
  • Install and integrate aplonAPI, API Management Platform with web banking system to conform with the PSD2 regulation of Europe in record time
  • Customize the platform and provide support to cover the needs of business clients for advanced APIs that are exposed by the bank
  • Provide Consulting services on Open Banking concerns and inquiries and enhance the platform regularly to cover all the changing needs of the client and all the clarification that comes from European authorities regarding the PSD2 regulation

Payments automation for a leading cloud based core banking system

Payments automation for a leading cloud based core banking system



The client needed to add payment functionalities to their core system to enhance their core banking offering.
  • Integrated aplonHUB core system to the core banking platform
  • Modified extensively internal handling and routing so that it integrates smoothly to the core system
  • Added SEPA Credit Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits for their European clients

Financial messages technology for a world leader

PC provides the underlying technology and support for several global payment systems of one of the largest financial institutions.


SWIFT MT Messaging tools

Use an off-the-shelf and trusted technology provider to accelerate the development.
  • We provide SDKs to build, Parse and Validate SWIFT MT trade financing messages.
  • Provide unlimited same day support to any question, technical or business raised.
  • Update the tools annually immediately after the new rules are publicized by SWIFT.

Financial messages manager based on open banking for a private ACH in Nigeria

We created the complete Operational Blueprint & built a FinServ 2.0, Open Banking ready, API powered system for financial messages exchange and settlement.



Provided the client with the first private Automated Clearing House in Nigeria.
  • We created the complete Operational Blueprint & built a FinServ 2.0, Open Banking ready, API powered system
  • The ARCA Clearing House has worked as a connector to transform the old legacy stack into innovative payment services (e.g Instant Payments, Direct Credit, etc.) for banks and fintechs

Credit Transfer, Direct Debits and Instant payments for regional Fintech

Automated and modernized the whole payments functionality to one of Malta’s oldest financial services firms.

Calamatta Cuschieri


The client needed to fully automate international payments and add new payment methods such as Instant payments to their existing offerings.
  • We installed aplonHUB on-premises and integrated with existing core systems
  • Implemented advanced notification and filtering mechanism to achieve full STP and automation
  • We enabled the SEPA CT, SEPA DDs, and SWIFT MT messaging modules
  • We integrated aplonHUB with their external ACHs and Corresponding banks

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