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PaymentComponents Partner Programs

The Reseller Program, empowers our trusted Partners, to market and sell PaymentComponents products and solutions. Resellers are responsible to uncover business opportunities in their area and actively engage with them. PaymentComponents continuously supports the Partner with marketing material to succeed and achieve sales.
Technology Partner
Technology Partners are software and/or hardware vendors, complementing and extending the value of PaymentComponents products & solutions. These partners offer best-of-breed technology components, seamlessly integrated with PaymentComponents products and services.

Why partner with PaymentComponents?

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Our field-proven, award-winning products are key ingredients to the Open Banking Revolution. The Market is growing fast worldwide. By partnering with us you will have the opportunity to ride that wave and profit from it.

Additionally, you’ll have our support

  • Continuous training & support
  • Cobranded Sales & Marketing material
  • Coordinated Marketing efforts
  • Joint Business Development activities
  • eCollaboration Sales Platform

Our Key Partners


Infosistema has helped financial institutions in Iberia region with a focus in Portugal with their PSD2 Compliance project using aplonAPI. After our success in Europe, the company is concentrating its' efforts to bringing open banking around the world.


Kinexus is our reseller for aplonAPI, UNUapi and aplonHUB in Africa. The partnership between Kinexus & PaymentComponents enables banks in Africa to reap the benefits of open banking and to quickly add message routing (eg. ISO20022, SWIFT MT) functionality to existing legacy systems. Also, corporates in the region will now be able to simplify & automate their transactions with banks.


Our reseller partner ADSI is recognized as an industry leader in Latin America. Their Inttegrio Core banking solution is fully integrated with our aplonAPI™ Open banking solution to help banks in the area with their digital transformation.

Natech is a technology & reseller partner of PaymentComponents. With this partnership, PaymentComponents’s pioneering Open Banking platform, aplonAPI™, directly integrates with the CSB2 Core Banking solution.
Profile Software

Profile Software technology specializes in solutions development for the banking industry. Our partnership has enabled the company to offer the aplonAPI Open banking system to Fintechs and Financial Institutions around the world.

The partnership with FinLink allows our reseller to manage SWIFT, ISO20022 and SEPA payments through PaymentComponents’s aplonHUB™ Payments solution.

Auxilis acts as an official Reseller partner for aplonAPI to help banks in Australia and New Zealand comply with the local Open banking regulation.


Mambu offers a new approach for banking technology. By integrating its core banking solution with our aplonHUB Payments Gateway, it allows banks to quickly add SEPA payments to their system.


Our technology partner NETinfo, has empowered banks all over the MENA region to acquire the NETinfo omnichannel banking solution with the integration of the aplonAPI Open banking solution.


Codebase specializes in promoting our Open banking components globally.

RDB Consulting
RDB Consulting is our reseller for aplonAPI in South Africa. This partnership enables financial institutions in South Africa to follow the open banking movement and become digital pioneers in this area.
Banking.Systems is our reseller partner for aplonAPI and aplonHUB in LATAM and Caribbean.

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