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Bank connectivity and advanced APIs for the financial services of the open banking era


Be a trusted advisor to your clients

Open banking is more powerful than your web and mobile banking combined!

For the first time, you can provide your corporate clients with a 360-degree view of their money. With the aggregation and the financial insights features of a BFM you can now become their trusted advisor. UNUapi will be your secret weapon to deliver unprecedented services to your existing clients and attract new ones.

You can become a fintech champion

Open banking puts Payment Service Providers at the center of the payment value chain.

Whether you are PISP or AISP, with UNUapi you will get the smart tools necessary to harvest this huge opportunity. In addition, you gain access to banks and grow your market reach. UNUapi will enrich your platform with rocket power functionality.
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UNUapi will help you deliver functionality with a collection of APIs that "think"

Connect with multiple banks
Use UNUapi to connect with multiple banks to get account information, TRXs, and Payments. Regardless of their API versions, you save huge effort by using a single API.
Automatic payment routing
Set priorities and preferences on payments based on rules and reachability. Don’t ask your clients to make decisions that an algorithm can do better.
Categorize transactions
You need to provide not just info, but the intelligence to your clients. Categorization of Transactions and being able to help decision making, will be a central factor.
Multiple payment methods
Will help you initiate payments and transfers using multiple payment methods including SWIFT, SEPA, ISO20022, instant payments. The API will take the burden of the intricacies of each method.
Reconcile Transactions
Companies spend hundreds of hours to reconcile TRXs. With an advanced pattern matching API you help them reconcile TRXs with payments and accounts receivables based on matching probability rules.
4-eyes authorizations
The workflow APIs provided, will handle authorizations and releasing of payments to ensure proper handling. Role-based features and access to catering SMEs of different sizes and structures.
Install it on your premises
UNUapi is a white-label SDK, that you install in your environment, you can extend and modify to make it part of your technology stack. This way you get the advanced know-how and the acceleration necessary.
Insights on customer behavior
By using the categorization and filtering APIs of UNUapi, you minimize fraud, highlight suspicious TRXs and advise and protect your clients.
Build great charts
The advanced data aggregation and filtering APIs will provide your data grouped and cleaned, ready for magnificent charts with a tool of your choice.

We love creating products with impact in people's lives

  • aplonBFM was the key Fintech system which empowered the shift of our corporate payments to the digital era
    Petros Karavitis, Treasurer Interamerican, part of ACHMEA

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