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Chat with your financial data

A Generative AI solution for Financial Institutions to help their employees and serve their corporate clients

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FINaplo.AI replies to your questions with rich answers of text, tables, charts, and graphs

Trained with your data, to answer questions on the financial domain

Employee-facing Chat
Optimize payments

Understand payment exceptions to reduce the number of rejections

Minimize Risk

Identify accounts with suspicious transactional behavior

Cross-sell / Upsell

Identify the customers who would be interested in related products

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Customer-facing Chat
Increase Client base

Corporate clients can use their data and extract value

Boost Customer Loyalty

Easy data export (CSV or other suitable formats)

Offer more value

Rich report generation with just a question

You don’t need AI expertise or infrastructure

You just feed your data and get the insights at the end of a simple process

Data feed

You feed your structured and unstructured data through a secure and compliant process


The explicitly trained AI model will analyse your sanitised data


You will make informed decisions based on data you trust

Find out how

A magic shortcut that helps teams achieve their goals easier and faster

Successful organizations use timely and valuable knowledge. The insights from FINaplo.AI will power your decision-making process across your teams.


Employee-facing Chat

    Reduce costs by quickly identifying suspicious transactions and accounts

    Risk officers can ask and receive a table of potentially suspicious transactions from a past period. A deeper inquiry returns detailed graphs and transaction timelines, providing insights into account activities and patterns. This streamlined approach offered by FINaplo.AI not only saves time but also reduces operational costs.

    Jump from a holistic view to a detailed one with a simple question

    Treasurers who want to monitor cash flow can ask for an inflow-outflow chart, but this is only the beginning. The officer can ask FINaplo.AI and get immediate answers for every peak or trend revealed by the bank transactions. No need for assumptions when you can directly ask and resolve your questions.

    Increase revenue by quickly identifying high-value customers

    Sales & Marketing officers have little or no access to transactional data and struggle to identify potential high-value customers; they spend excessive time analyzing customer behavior. A permission-based chat will allow them discreet, instant access for immediate identification of their target customers.

Customer-facing Chat

    Reduce costs and uncertainty with fast reconciliation process

    A CFO can ask FINaplo.AI a single question about the expenses of a category, such as Utilities or something more specific. The chat will produce a rich answer with a table and charts, and all the data will be available for further investigation, and download in various formats.

    Reduce costs by assessing expenses and making informed decisions

    FINaplo.AI significantly reduces the time and effort involved in reconciliation by offering a seamless way to obtain detailed transaction records, which can be then fed into the ERP. This ensures that the corporate client maintains accurate financial records with reduced hassle, thereby optimizing their operational efficiency.

    Assess and monitor your sales success with deep inquiry

    Sales & Marketing officers can ask FINaplo.AI for a list or a visual breakdown of sales by product category. Additionally, they can inquire about the number of purchases for each client account and the frequency of these transactions. This will add to the profile of their clients and help with efficient targeting and loyalty recognition.

    Reduce costs by identifying clients that abuse the return policy

    An Operations or Sales officer can ask FINaplo.AI to produce a list of customers that had multiple product returns. This way, the company can identify potential scammers or abusers of the store policies and plan accordingly.

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Who can use FINaplo.AI?

FINaplo.AI is a SaaS AI solution for the Banking Industry. Any financial institution can use it to assist their employees and their corporate clients in gaining invaluable insights from their transactional data. Αll banks, corporations, fintechs, and financial institutions that exchange financial messages can benefit from its valuable insights through FINaplo.AI Conversational AI interface. With FINaplo.AI, banks can leverage AI technologies to gain a competitive edge.

Which banking services and departments can benefit from FINaplo.AI?

FINaplo.AI was designed to provide useful knowledge to multiple departments like Sales & Marketing, Operations, Treasury, Payments, and Risk. The banking industry is a vast territory with many complicated rules and challenges to overcome. There are revenue concerns as both new and established competitors leverage emerging technologies to attract their customers. Insecurity and decision fatigue arise because of all the unknown parameters that influence day-to-day banking services. This makes FINaplo.AI an invaluable asset for all banking professionals.

How will FINaplo.AI assist the corporate clients of a bank?

FINaplo.AI is a game-changer for a bank’s corporate clients, simplifying their interaction with financial data. By asking questions in natural language, clients receive immediate, comprehensive answers, turning complex data into actionable insights. FINaplo.AI can generate customized reports based on their specific needs, providing them with the flexibility to conduct detailed analyses and reconcile data with internal systems. Beyond reporting, FINaplo.AI identifies potential business opportunities. By analyzing transaction data, it can highlight trends and patterns that may reveal new prospects for growth, providing strategic value to corporate clients.

How does FINaplo.AI help with cost reduction?

Increased Efficiency: With FINaplo.AI, both bank employees and corporate clients can query their financial data directly, receiving immediate and comprehensive responses. This cuts down the time spent on extracting, analyzing, and interpreting data, leading to significant savings in labor costs.

Reduced Training Costs: Since FINaplo.AI understands natural language queries, there's no need for intensive training programs to educate users on complex data structures or querying languages. This not only reduces training costs but also enables new hires to become productive faster.

Lowered IT Costs: FINaplo.AI reduces dependence on expensive BI tools and the need for constant report redesign, as it can generate customized reports based on the user's specific requirements. Additionally, the option of cloud deployment can lead to savings on IT infrastructure and maintenance.

How does FINaplo.AI help a bank to increase revenue?

Improved Decision Making: By providing immediate, rich responses, FINaplo.AI enables faster and more informed decision-making, which can lead to improved strategies and operations, and in turn, enhance revenue.

Sales and Marketing Support: FINaplo.AI can identify potential business opportunities, such as loan candidates among the bank's clients, just by analyzing transaction data. This supports sales and marketing efforts, leading to increased revenue from new business and cross-selling opportunities.

Client Satisfaction: By offering FINaplo.AI to corporate clients, banks can add significant value to their client relationships. This tool helps clients independently analyze their financial transactions, leading to greater client satisfaction and retention, which ultimately drives revenue.

Competitive Advantage: Implementing a state-of-the-art tool like FINaplo.AI can give a bank a competitive edge, making it more attractive to potential clients and possibly leading to market share growth and increased revenue.

How does FINaplo.AI understand and process natural language queries?

FINaplo.AI employs sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, fine-tuned and trained on financial messages, allowing it to understand and process complex queries posed in natural language.

How does FINaplo.AI integrate with existing financial messaging producing systems?

Historical data can be uploaded in bulk. Our provided module first sanitizes the data and then uploads them to your FINaplo.AI private space. Keep in mind that FINaplo.AI is compatible with a wide range of financial messaging producing systems. It can integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure, consuming data from APIs, data warehouses, and file systems.

How is FINaplo.AI different from other AI solutions?

A fine-tuned LLM and ML technology behind FINaplo.AI can analyze processes exclusively financial messages, such as SWIFT MT, ISO20022, and payment schemes such as Credit Transfers, Direct Debits, and Instant Payments. This is due to the expertise of the Payment Components team, which specializes in financial messages. You bring the data, and FINaplo.AI brings all the rest.

How does FINaplo.AI handle security when installed on cloud?

Your data is never exposed or shared with third parties. In the case of cloud deployments, only metadata, such as the number of rows and aggregated amounts, might be exposed to the stateless LLM. Regardless of the deployment method, we employ state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols. Data is always protected while in transit. For cloud-based deployments, data, when at rest, is securely stored on our servers, and the sanitized data is fed to the FINaplo.AI AI models hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is renowned for its robust privacy and security measures. AWS ensures that data is encrypted and safeguarded against potential breaches.

How does FINaplo.AI handle security when installed on Premises?

If you opt for an on-premises FINaplo.AI deployment, the data remains on your servers, ensuring it's within your local network and infrastructure. Before any data is integrated with FINaplo.AI, an optional sanitization process can be employed within your secure environment, during which any data containing sensitive information, like IBANs and names, is excluded or obfuscated. Regardless of where the data resides, you will always operate within a secure environment with strict permissions, adhering to best practices to keep both data and access to the endpoints secure. You retain full ownership of your data, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and manage it.

How does the pricing scale with data volumes or number of client seats?

Pricing is flexible and designed to accommodate your needs. For cloud deployments, an initial setup fee is charged, followed by a monthly fee based on data volumes. For integration with third-party applications, a per-seat-per-year fee is applicable

How can FINaplo.AI assist in identifying potential fraudulent activities or suspicious patterns?

FINaplo.AI can help you analyze patterns in transaction data and identify potential fraudulent activities. You simply type your question, and FINaplo.AI responds with accounts and transactions graphs and a timeline to inspect the frequency. All you need for easy identification of suspicious behavior is handed to you through a natural language conversation. Want to see it to believe it? Let’s schedule a brief demo.

How can FINaplo.AI support sales and marketing efforts, such as identifying potential loan candidates?

It’s easier than it sounds. With just a couple of questions, you can uncover many valuable insights that support sales and marketing initiatives. Want to see it to believe it? Let’s schedule a brief demo.

How customizable is FINaplo.AI to meet the specific needs of different clients?

FINaplo.AI uses financial messages in its core analysis. Yet we know more data equals more valuable insights. This is why FINaplo.AI was designed to be a flexible AI system that allows data stitching and enrichment, typically through a custom project. Further customizations to meet individual client needs can be discussed with our technical team.

Why is it important to analyze financial messages?

Financial messages contain a wealth of valuable information. They include cryptic and proprietary information such as multiple involved parties, intermediaries, charges, rules, and instructions. Careful analysis with advanced machine learning techniques can reveal hidden customer behavioral patterns, unknown relationships between customer accounts, valuable information on the purpose of payments, and much more. This offers immense business value for banks and financial institutions, not just for fraud detection.

Can the data or reports be easily exported for further analysis or reconciliation with other systems?

Yes, for example, users can ask FINaplo.AI to create tables with specific content and column orders. These can be exported as CSV files for easy reconciliation with other systems or for further analysis. Also, all types of charts are downloadable as images, so users can include them in reports or email them to colleagues.

What kind of support or training will be provided to our staff and our clients?

FINaplo.AI is designed to revolutionize your interaction with data. We train the model, eliminating the need to extensively train users. The way FINaplo.AI works is that you simply ask questions and receive immediate, rich answers. To assist with the initial setup, we offer technical support. And to help you make the most of FINaplo.AI, we provide demos and instructional videos that highlight its features and capabilities. Of course, we are also available for any further assistance you may need.

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