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The easiest way to add payment functionality to your core system

Some of our valued clients

  • Make your core system, payment ready with a plug-in application
  • Handle instant payments by automating financial messaging
  • Connect to SWIFT or Service Bureau or ACH for Incoming or outgoing messages
  • Perform AML and other workflows for your compliance needs
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Ride the fintech evolution wave with aplonHUBTM and get the simplest way to add payments to your core system. Follow the trends of tomorrow in instant payments and ISO20022 migration with just a plug-in application. Leave fragmented legacy systems behind and join the future of payments.

Manage SEPA, SWIFT, ISO20022 messages with a web-based end-to-end solution enjoying efficiency, flexibility, and seamless integration. aplonHUBTM covers all types of processing activity for complex high-value international payments, domestic, SEPA, and instant payments.

Installed on your premises with a light footprint, simple installation and almost unattended operation make it ideal for any size banks, payment processors or Fintechs. It seamlessly integrates with your core systems in a number of ways to handle all the advanced routing and operation efficiency needed in the Fintech era.

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For incoming messages

  • Parses incoming files and stores messages for future drill-down searches
  • Performs syntax and rules validation, checks for duplicates and produces alerts
  • Correlates related messages and responses and presents them grouped for ease of use
  • Compares MT300 and MT320 to equivalent outgoing messages for differences
  • Checks messages against 3rd party AML systems for control
  • Transforms and forwards messages to core banking for processing

For outgoing messages

  • Gets outgoing messages or payment orders produced by the core system
  • Performs syntax and rules validation and produces alerts
  • Stores messages locally for future reference and search
  • Displays related response messages side by side
  • Checks messages against 3rd party AML and only releases the valid ones
  • At specified time intervals, it bulks messages and forwards them to ACHs
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More features that you’ll love

Stun your clients
Send your customers great looking and branded PDF statements and notes using the statement customization module.
AML integration
AML functionality is provided through full integration with leading 3rd party AML solutions or is bypassed if handled by the core system.
Flexible Scheduling
Advanced scheduling module, ensures that the processing of incoming and outgoing payments conforms to the time frames and cycles defined by your ACH.
Advanced Security
Five different user roles, audit trail, strict password rules, 4-eyes authorization, and action logging are among the advanced security features of aplonHub.
Never miss a payment
Set your country and global holidays and let aplonHUB protected you from missed payments.
Control message flow
The rooting and filtering module, guarantees efficient message flow, exceptions handling, and queue management.

We love creating products with impact in people's lives

  • aplonHUB has boosted our capacity to respond fast to changing requirements in payments and has provided us with significant operational efficiencies.
    Nicolas Prentzas, COO of a bank

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