Payments Hub

One application to handle all your account to account payment flows

Some of our valued customers

  • Ride the fintech evolution wave with aplonHUB and get the simplest way to add payment processing functionality to your core system
  • Resolve the ISO20022 migration with a CBPR+ ready application for your cross border payments or TARGET2 ISO20022 payments.
  • Implement SEPA Payments or Request to Pay with just a plug-in application
  • Connect to SWIFT interfaces, Correspondent Banks, Service Bureaus, Market Infrastructures or Clearing Houses
  • Install it on-premises or connect to our cloud solution and manage all your electronic A2A payments with one application
  • Stay always updated with the global messaging standards and scheme rule books
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Key benefits

Single view for all types of payments with one application. Supports SEPA Credit Transfers, Direct Debits SEPA Inst, SWIFT MT, ISO20022 CBPR+, TARGET2 and Real-time Payments.

Rapid time to market and reduced total cost of ownership. Fast and easy to install on your premises and even faster to connect in the cloud with a light footprint and almost unattended operation.

Unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. API native, it seamlessly integrates with your core and AML systems in a number of other ways if required. Matches payments with the statement files and confirmation messages for easier reconciliation.

Ideal for any size banks, Financial Institutions, Payment Service Providers or Fintechs. Start simple, extent and scale up to handle all the complex flows as your business grows in the Fintech era.

For incoming payments

  • Parses incoming files and stores messages for future drill-down searches
  • Uses the powerful and worldwide recognized Financial Messaging Libraries to perform syntax and rules validation
  • Checks for duplicates and produces alerts if needed
  • Transforms and forwards messages to core banking for processing and generates responses according to Universal Confirmations Rulebook
  • Generates message returns for rejected messages by the core banking or AML system and more
  • Correlates incoming inquiry and recall messages with payments to facilitate exceptions and investigations handling
  • Matches payments with the statement files and confirmation messages for easier reconciliation

For outgoing payments

  • Collects outgoing messages or payment orders produced by the core system
  • Performs syntax and rules validation using our worldwide recognized Financial Messaging Libraries
  • Stores messages locally for future reference and search
  • Validates messages against 3rd party AML and releases only the valid ones
  • Requires second level authorization for specific transactions depending on the configuration
  • Bulks messages and forwards them to the ACHs or Corresponding Banks according to the cut-offs
  • Generates automated recalls of outgoing payments

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More aplonHUB features that you’ll love

Flexible Scheduling
Advanced scheduling module, ensures that the processing of the payments conforms to the cut offs and clearing cycles defined by your ACH or your Correspondent Bank.
Mitigate Risk
Strong routing and filtering capabilities guarantee efficient message flow, exceptions handling, and alerts on erroneous messages.
Advanced Security
Up to seven different user roles, audit trail, strict password rules, 4-eyes authorization, and action logging according to the global information security standards to protect customer data.
AML integration
API connectivity with any 3rd party AML solution which can be easily bypassed if handled by the core system.
Business Reports
Reporting module allowing filtering by date, message type or file type, incoming/outgoing direction and export to Excel or PDF formats.
Customer statements
Statement customization module to generate great looking and branded PDF statements.
Payment Components