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The first Payment HUB with a Generative AI assistant, to handle your account to account payment flows!

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Some of our valued customers

I want to support multiple payment schemes and connect to many payment rails and I am looking for… …a solution for a unified way of processing financial messages from different schemes and a simple configuration for connecting to different rails

I want to make my bank more competitive and compliant on ISO20022 and I am looking for… …a solution that allows me to send and receive ISO20022 messages or translate Swift MTs to and from ISO20022 standard

I want to easily offer to my customers new payment methods and I am looking for… …a solution that supports multiple payment instruments, i.e., Credit Transfers, Direct Debits, Instant Payments, Request-to-Pay etc.)

I want to investigate my transactional data with the help of an AI assistant as I am looking for… …suspicious behaviours, trends, patterns, in my payment data

Υou need an AI-Driven Payment Hub to handle Financial Messages effectively

  • To simplify the handling of different schemes, instruments & protocols, including cross border payments
  • To streamline the SWIFT ISO 20022 migration process
  • To have a know-it-all AI assistant at your service
  • To decouple your payments from your inflexible core system
  • To offload the burden of implementing new payment rails
  • To future-proof your business against continuous market changes
  • To enjoy a unified view of all your payments
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  • Main Features
  • AI Assistant
  • Available Schemes
  • Pricing
  • Technical Info

See how aplonHUB handles Financial Message flows


  • Parses and stores incoming messages for future drill-down searches
  • Performs syntax, duplication, AML and rules validation and produces alerts
  • Transforms ISO 20022 messages and forwards them to core banking for processing
  • Generates message Replies and Returns automatically
  • Correlates original and reply messages to facilitate exceptions and investigations
  • Matches payments with statement and confirmations for easier reconciliation


  • Receives outgoing messages or payment orders from the core system
  • Parses, Validates, Translates and Stores messages for future reference and search
  • Requires second level authorization for specific transactions depending on configuration
  • Bulks and forwards messages to ACHs or Corresponding Banks according to cut-offs
  • Forwards Instant payments and handles replies
  • Generates automated recalls as required

Available payment schemes and instruments

aplonHUB supports out-of-the-box cross border payments, regional, and local ISO 20022 based schemes and instruments. New ones can also be added easily on demand. It turns SWIFT ISO 20022 migration to an easy and hassle-free process

Payment schemes


  • Credit Transfers
  • Direct Debits
  • Instant Payments
  • Request-to-Pay

Key Benefits of aplonHUB

Single view for all types of payments with one application. Supports SEPA Credit Transfers, SEPA Direct Debits and Instant Payments, SWIFT MT, ISO20022 cross border payments (CBPR+), TARGET2, and Real-time Payments.

Rapid time to market, fast SWIFT ISO 20022 migration and reduced total cost of ownership. Fast and easy to install on your premises and even faster to connect in the cloud. Go live in just 2 weeks to 2 months!

Unparalleled efficiency and flexibility among Payment Hubs. API native, it seamlessly integrates with your core and AML systems in a number of other ways if required.

Ideal for any size banks, Payment Service Providers or Fintechs. Start simple, extent and scale up to handle all the complex flows as your business grows in the Fintech era.

Equipped with an AI assistant, to help you find useful insights and investigate your transactional data in a way that was not possible before. Just by chatting with natural language with FINaplo.AI

Reporting on your transactional data, with tables, charts, and graphs so easy to get and download. Just ask for them from FINaplo.AI, your conversational AI and you’ll have them immediately

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The best way to answer all your questions
Easy core banking integration
Flexible Payment Hub and easy integration with the core banking system (APIs, Files, MQs) allowing for quick set-up and short time-to-market
Payment rails connection
Connect to different payment rails and payments infrastructures (ACHs, Swift/SIA Network, Correspondent banks, Service Bureaus, etc.)
Flexible Scheduling
Advanced scheduling module ensures that the processing of the payments conforms to the cut-offs and clearing cycles defined by your ACH or your Correspondent Bank.
AI Innovation
Identify potential fraudulent activities
Through a simple question-answer interaction, FINaplo.AI helps identify potential fraud by analyzing transaction data, providing insightful graphs, and timelines to easily spotlight suspicious activities.
Increased Efficiency
Users no longer need to know the structure of the payments data. Not even know how to compose effective queries. The system will use artificial intelligence to help make every user an expert in data mining!
Reports & Statements
Users can ask FINaplo.AI to create and customize table columns, export them as CSV files for reconciliation or further analysis, and download various charts as images for easy sharing in reports or emails.
Unified management
Unified management of multiple payment schemes from different regions (Swift MTs, SEPA, ISO20022, HVPS+, CBPR+, RTP, etc.)
Embedded message translation
Be ISO20022-ready at no time with the Translation module between Swift MT and ISO20022 standards (CBPR+, Target2)
Advanced search
Extensive search and filtering of incoming/outgoing messages and files by dates, types, tags, transaction status, etc.
User Management
Advanced user management and access control with up to seven different roles to manage access and permissions easily.
Advanced Security
Out-of-the-box security features like 4-eyes authorization, audit trail, and action logging according to the global information security standards to protect customer data.
AML integration
Secure API connectivity with any 3rd party AML solution that can be easily bypassed if handled by the core system.
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  • Simple, straightforward pricing structure
  • Annual flat fee per payment scheme
  • Unlimited users / messages exchanged/API calls
  • One license for all required environments DEV/SIT/QA/LIVE
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Technical Info

  • Lightweight Payment Hub and compatible with all leading RDBMSs
  • Modern 3-tier architecture and easily scalable
  • Extensive configuration from the web user interface (UI)
  • API-first architecture, all web UI functionalities also available via APIs

For more technical information check here

aplonHUB + FINaplo.AI

Have a genie on your side

Navigate the world of account-to-account payments effortlessly with FINaplo.AI, now
integrated within aplonHUB, as the first payment Hub to incorporate a conversational AI.
Instant Query Resolutions
  • Get your questions answered instantly, anytime.
  • Delve into rich replies featuring text, tables, charts, and graphs, all readily downloadable for your convenience.
Solid Security
  • Experience a secure banking environment with your data handled with utmost care
  • Remain compliant effortlessly with industry standards and regulations.
AML Investigative Capabilities
  • Explore a new dimension of AML investigation with conversational AI.
  • Engage in intuitive dialogues to unravel complex financial scenarios and ensure compliance.
Seamless Integration
  • Access FINaplo.AI directly from the aplonHUB dashboard.
  • A consolidated platform addressing all your payment and banking queries.
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What is aplonHUB

What is aplonHUB?
aplonHUB is an innovative payment hub designed for financial institutions to streamline the management and routing of financial messages. It is the first Payment Hub that incorporates an AI assistant, FINaplo.AI, that disrupts processes like reporting, marketing research and AML Investigation. It supports a wide range of protocols including SWIFT MT, ISO 20022, SEPA, TARGET2, and local standards, making it a versatile solution for banks of any size. Its lightweight and extendable architecture allows for seamless integration with existing legacy systems, offering a standalone or fully integrated approach to financial message routing.

How does aplonHUB integrate with existing banking or legacy systems

How does aplonHUB integrate with existing banking or legacy systems?
aplonHUB offers flexible integration capabilities with core banking or legacy payment systems using various methods such as APIs, queues, and files. This enables advanced routing and message transformation needs to be met without requiring complex modifications to back-office systems, thereby simplifying operations and adding necessary control to any payments process.

What financial message standards does aplonHUB support

What financial message standards does aplonHUB support?
aplonHUB supports a comprehensive range of financial message standards, including SWIFT MT, ISO20022, TARGET2, SEPA, Cross Border Payments (CBPR+), MEPS+, FedNow, SIC/euroSIC, BAHTNET, and others. This wide support ensures that financial institutions can manage and route various types of credit transfers, direct debits, and instant payments across different global payment schemes. Additional payment protocols can be added per request

Can aplonHUB handle both incoming and outgoing payments

Can aplonHUB handle both incoming and outgoing payments?
Yes, aplonHUB efficiently handles both incoming and outgoing payments. It supports credit transfers, direct debits, instant payments, and offers capabilities for MT to ISO20022 translations. This versatility allows aplonHUB to check and validate all messages, generate alerts where appropriate, and ensure that operations are streamlined and compliant with regulatory standards.

What are the key features of aplonHUB

What are the key features of aplonHUB?
AplonHUB offers a range of key features, including support for multiple financial message standards, rich search capabilities, message validation, role-based access control, extensive audit logging, and seamless integration with external AML systems. Its modern UX/UI, secured three-tier architecture, and high availability design make it a robust solution for financial messaging.

What makes aplonHUB unique compared to other payment hubs

What makes aplonHUB unique compared to other payment hubs?
aplonHUB stands out for its light footprint, extendibility, and comprehensive support for a wide range of payment schemes. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, coupled with advanced features like conversational AI for transaction analysis (FINaplo.AI), sets aplonHUB apart as a forward-thinking solution for financial messaging.

How does the implementation process of aplonHUB work

How does the implementation process of aplonHUB work?
The implementation process of aplonHUB is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Given its Java-based architecture and compatibility with any Java application server or docker containers, aplonHUB offers significant portability across various computing environments. The process involves initial setup, integration with the financial institution's core systems, and configuration according to specific payment processing needs. A quick process for a product built by financial technology experts specifically for financial institutions. PaymentComponents offers support throughout the implementation to ensure a smooth transition and optimal setup.

What kind of support and maintenance do Payment Components offer for aplonHUB

What kind of support and maintenance do Payment Components offer for aplonHUB?
Payment Components provide comprehensive support and maintenance services, including unlimited email or telephone support on business or technical issues, regular updates to ensure continued compliance with ISO20022 financial messaging standards, and access to a team of experts for any implementation or operational queries.

Can aplonHUB be customized to fit specific organizational needs

Can aplonHUB be customized to fit specific organizational needs?
Yes, aplonHUB can be customized to meet specific organizational needs. Its flexible architecture and configurable settings allow financial institutions to tailor the system according to their unique requirements, including adding new payment schemes, customizing workflows, and integrating additional security measures.

How secure aplonHUB is

How secure aplonHUB is?
Security is a paramount concern, with features like role-based access control, audit logs, and SWIFT Local Authentication (LAU) (as recommended by SWIFT) or PGP to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and compliance with financial industry regulations.

The application has its own built-in security mechanism or can integrate with Windows Active Directory.
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