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Open Banking solution for a leading regional bank in Europe

A full scaled open banking project that made the bank “Winner of best Digital Initiative award at the Banking Technology Awards 2017”.



  • Provide the bank with a solution to comply for the PSD2 legislation
  • Go beyond PSD2 and provide more and richer APIs and help build a Fintech ecosystem
  • We implemented a state of the art PSD2 APIs Management Framework that worked around the existing legacy systems.
  • We created a secure Sandbox for developers to test the bank’s APIs before committing further.
  • We created an Admin portal for the bank’s employees to have control over the ecosystem and to monitor the APIs usage.
  • We helped bank build and support an ecosystem of Fintechs using their APIs.

Financial messages automation for a regional bank

Added a system for SEPA and SWIFT management and routing functionality next to the existing core banking system.



Simplify the existing message management process and separate the volatile payments processes from the rigid core banking system.
  • We installed aplonHUB on premises and integrated with existing core systems
  • We modified message routing and authorization handling to suit the banks processes
  • We enabled SEPA Credit transfers and SWIFT MT messages
  • Handled returns, replies, revoces outside the core banking
  • Required negligent modifications to the existing core systems
card payments

Electronic Payments Management Portal for a leading card processor

Cardlink is active in the field of electronic payments and in particular in the acceptance and management of card transactions, both physical and e-commerce. The company operates the largest network of POS terminals in Greece.


A custom application on top of the Payment Switches and POS Terminal Management Systems

  • The client needed a way to perform several activities like monitoring, reporting, billing, etc
  • They also needed a way for their Merchants to access their card-related transactions and other related business data
  • We implemented a cloud-based microservices architecture application around their Payment Switches and TMS.
  • We provided the client with an administrative portal to perform numerous tasks like in-depth reporting & real-time monitoring to critical processes such as billing & handling of card payments including all major card processors like Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, and cardless payments like QR codes & tokenized payments.
  • We also provided to different stakeholders related to our clients’ business activities, like Acquirers, Cardholders, Resellers, & Helpdesk, through the same portal, access to their card-related transactions, and merchant’s data. Our client had full control over what information these stakeholders could access.
  • Specifically, for their Merchants, we developed a dedicated portal to access their card-related transactions, business data, draw premade, or custom-made reports to cover their business needs (sales, accounting, marketing, etc), allow & manage multiple users on the same account with different access levels.

PSD2 compliance for a regional bank in Europe

RCB Bank Ltd is a European bank with over 20 year history and one of the largest financial institutions in Cyprus. The Bank operates a universal banking model and serves thousands of local and international clients.



  • The client needed a quick and efficient way to become PSD2 compliant
  • They also needed a way to expose advanced APIs designed specifically for business clients
  • Install and integrate aplonAPI, API Management Platform with web banking system to conform with the PSD2 regulation of Europe in record time
  • Customize the platform and provide support to cover the needs of business clients for advanced APIs that are exposed by the bank
  • Provide Consulting services on Open Banking concerns and inquiries and enhance the platform regularly to cover all the changing needs of the client and all the clarification that comes from European authorities regarding the PSD2 regulation