What are the key things today’s corporate buyer should expect from a new treasury management application?
Are you considering installing a new treasury management application? If you’re like many corporations, you’re probably using spreadsheets to manage your current treasury operations, but you recognise its time for a more sophisticated solution.
Payment Components have been providing treasury management applications to corporations for over eight years. Our treasury management solution is called aplonCash and it is designed to make a corporation’s treasury management more efficient, improve its risk management and treasury controls, whilst improving cash management.
aplonCash can easily integrate with existing corporate systems and acts as an interface between a company’s internal systems and their banking partners and produces outgoing payments in the industry standard SWIFT and SEPA formats and processes incoming validation files.
Five things you should expect from a treasury management system
1. Bank account & currency consolidation under a single view
No more switching between dashboards and spreadsheets as aplonCash will enable you to consolidate and streamline all your accounts and currencies into a single view
2. Streamlined workflows when authorizing and initiating payments
Save time with streamlined payment authorization and initiations compared with the manual processes your corporation currently uses.
3. Detailed insights across all your accounts
Drill down to specific information using multiple filters including bank accounts, corporate legal entities, divisions, payees, etc
4. Advanced analytics
Use advanced analytics to implement cost saving strategies using forecasting and analyzation of the cost of crossbank transactions, and evaluation of alternate payment schemes.
5. A dynamic and agile support team
With the right support team in place, your ensure your treasury management system is future proofed against the fast paced and ever changing FinTech & FinServ landscape.
If your corporation is considering a new treasury management application solution and our wondering what to expect, I hope this review of some of the key benefits of a treasury management system will be useful.
And of course Payment Components would be delighted to answer any other questions you may have, regarding treasury management applications and provide you with a comprehensive quotation for your specific needs.

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