PaymentComponents Ltd presented at Arabnet!
Arabnet Beirut 2017 is the premier event for all things digital in the MENA region. Happening between 20-22 February 2017, its 8th edition brought together the best representatives of the digital sector to discuss entrepreneurship, future of payments, mobile & P2P, big data, digital media & marketing and more.
We are proud to announce that our CDO, Elias Gagas, presented on "360 degrees of FinTech (R)evolution” as part of Banking Innovation Day. The presentation covered the key drivers & stakeholders (e.g. Regulators, Banks, Startups, VCs, Accelerators & Incubators etc.), shaping the FinTech (R)evolution, as well as the adjoining ecosystems it affects & gets affected by. Furthermore, Elias also reviewed examples on how the FinTech (R)evolution manifests itself across different geos, while also providing Best Practices on “Things to do / Things to avoid”.
Moreover, Elias acted as a panel moderator as well, for the discussion "Consumer Behavior and Impact on Financial Services". Confirmed panelists included Fadi Sabbagha, CEO, Born Interactive and Marwan Arakji, Chief Operating Officer, Ubanquity Systems, LTD.
If you would like to stay up to date with all relevant news for Arabnet Beirut 2017, follow our blog for material from presentations, news and happenings.

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