PaymentComponents launches two new SaaS Financial Messaging tools

London, March 31 2020
PaymentComponents Ltd, a leader in Financial Messaging libraries, has launched its two new online services to strengthen its offering and help developers worldwide to accelerate the development of financial applications.
As financial institutions are modernizing their payment systems and migrating to ISO20022 and real-time payments, there is great demand from developers, for tools to help them work with SWIFT MT, ISO20022, and SEPA messages. In response to this need, PaymentComponents has launched two new Software-as-a-Service products that provide online real-time message building, parsing, and validation that are accessible from everywhere.
The Online Message Builder helps developers and business experts to build valid SWIFT MT messages. It also exports these messages in txt, pdf or email to be easily shared with others or fed to testing processes for QA.
Financial Messaging Tools
FINaplo Financial Messages will speed up any financial messaging project and improve quality by helping with the validation of any SWIFT MT, ISO20022 and SEPA messages. Users can just paste their messages and the tool will show line by line and tag by tag validation errors and give instructions to fix it.
These two new SaaS Financial Messaging tools, together with the world-acclaimed messaging libraries, are offered with an initial free trial. Developers can register and try to get the confidence they need.
For more information, you can contact Zoi Kioustelidou, from PaymentComponents.

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