PaymentComponents Ltd joins Level39, at the heart of London’s FinTech Hub
London, February 1st 2018
PaymentComponents Ltd becomes a member of Level39, Europe’s most vibrant FinTech accelerator, and moves the location of its London office to Canary Wharf.
PaymentComponents is a rapidly growing technology company, with clients in 5 continents, continuously innovating for the Financial Services sector. Our products & solutions act as catalysts, empowering FinTech Innovation in Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporates and FinTechs.
Level39 is one of the largest technology accelerator spaces in Europe and a leader in the field, mostly focused on areas such as finance, cyber-security, retail and smart-cities. Level39 is located in Canary Wharf, one of the two financial centres of London.
'PaymentComponents is at the forefront of the global FinTech & Open Banking (R)evolution, so it’s only natural, for us, to have our London office, located at the epicentre of the city’s FinTech innovation Hub' says Sotiris Nossis, Founder & CEO of PaymentComponents. ‘We look forward to further strengthening our partnerships across the global FinTech community. Our decision to join Level39, is part of our global expansion plan & reflects our strategic focus on FinTech’ adds Elias Gagas COO of PaymentComponents.
Location of the new PaymentComponents London office:
One Canada Square, Canary Wharf,
London E14 5AB, Great Britain
For more information, you can contact Zoi Kioustelidou, from PaymentComponents.

About PaymentComponents
PaymentComponents Ltd is a catalyst, empowering FinTech Innovation in Financial Institutions, Corporates and FinTechs.
PaymentComponents is a unique amalgam, bonding deep Financial Services understanding, expertise in developing mission critical Financial systems and the latest trends in FinTech innovation.
Our field proven, award winning, aplonAPI™ API Framework, provides a complete, PSD2 compliant, solution for Banks & Financial Institutions, to actively participate in the FinTech (R)evolution. It empowers Open Banking & FinServ 2.0 initiatives & fosters true collaboration with the rapidly growing FinTech community.
Through automated payments & reconciliation solutions, we provide a hassle-free path to FinTech benefits, for Corporates.
Via software components, support and know-how, we enable Rapid & Agile development of SWIFT & SEPA compliant FinTech applications worldwide.
For more information, | Twitter @paymentcomp | LinkedIn PaymentComponents
About Level39
Level39 is the world’s most connected tech community. We support fast-growth tech companies in three clear ways – giving access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure.
Through expert mentors, access to Canary Wharf’s dynamic workspace, a packed events calendar and best-in-class facilities we help businesses achieve scale.
Owned wholly by the Canary Wharf Group, Level39 launched in March 2013. Since then, Level39 has grown from a simple idea into a three-floor, 80,000 square foot community space occupying the 39th, 24th and 42nd floors of One Canada Square.
For more information,

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