PaymentComponents & Infosistema welcome Banco Carregosa to the aplonAPI family!
PaymentComponents Ltd & Infosistema are delighted to announce, that Banco Carregosa is the latest bank to select the aplonAPI ™ API Management Platform, to power its PSD2 compliance and open banking project.
aplonAPI™ is a field proven, APIs management platform, tailor-made for the Financial Services sector, with unparalleled open architecture, to facilitate frictionless integration & open up innovation opportunities! aplonAPI™, empowers Banks & Financial Institutions to achieve PSD2 compliance in record time and to rapidly build, manage & distribute their APIs.
For more information, you can contact Zoi Kioustelidou, from PaymentComponents and Bruno Costa, from Infosistema.
About Banco Carregosa
For almost 200 years, the name Carregosa has been associated with the financial sector. Its origins date back to 1833, the year in which, in Rua das Flores, Porto, L.J. Carregosa was created to trade in foreign currency. Throughout the 20th century, Casa Carregosa grew, innovated and evolved, adapting itself to a modern, increasingly sophisticated and demanding world. This was how, at the end of the second half of the last century, the old Currency Exchange became a Brokerage House, first, and a Financial Brokerage Company later. In the 21th century, the Society was ready to take another step - its transformation into Banco Carregosa.
For more information, visit | Twitter: BancoCarregosa | LinkedIn: banco-carregosa.
About PaymentComponents
PaymentComponents Ltd is a B2B solution provider in the Open Banking era. With solutions, services and a large partner network, we help Banks and financial technology companies become digital champions. Our Open Banking Components are the necessary ingredients for Financial Institutions to innovate and thrive in the digital space.
Our API Framework provides a complete, PSD2 compliant, solution for Financial Institutions to actively participate in the FinTech (R)evolution. It empowers the creation, testing & growth of Platform Based services & fosters the collaboration with the rapidly growing FinTech community.
Our PISP/AISP aggregation solution enables banks and fintechs to provide multibank connectivity, account aggregation, payment routing, reconciliation etc, and to build an ecosystem in the PSD2 era.
For more information, visit | Twitter @paymentcomp | LinkedIn PaymentComponents
About Infosistema
Infosistema is a Technology and Business Consulting company providing Systems of Engagement, Integration and Advanced Analytics solutions to Banking and Insurance companies.
Infosistema is part of JOYN, an international Group of IT companies with over 20 years of experience, with projects in more than 9 countries and over 350 team members with more than 400 technical certifications. JOYN’s mission is to simplify people’s lives and companies’ operations.
For more information,visit | Twitter @InfosistemaSA | LinkedIn Infosistema

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