Payment Components FINaplo Financial Messages solves ISO20022 migration

London, October 01, 2020
PaymentComponents Ltd is proud to launch the MT<>ISO20022 Translator in FINaplo Financial Messages, our suite of Financial Messaging products. You can now have MT to ISO20022 translation together with MT, ISO20022 and CBPR+ validation in one tool, with one subscription!
FINaplo Financial Messages's, Online service for message validation is the go-to place for all your messaging projects. For example, paste your MT messages to the Checker tool and voila, you will get your ISO20022 equivalent using the CBPR+ rules and validation guidelines. And vice versa. With the same simple way you can validate any SWIFT MT, SEPA, or ISO20022 message.
You prefer to include this functionality in your system? No problem. FINaplo Financial Messages is available in java libraries that you can include and deploy within your solution.
Use the Online Service or SDK library for the modernization of your payment system without the pain and cost of changing your core systems. The library will perform mapping, validation and translation in no time and with minimal effort on your side.
If you want to see how to integrate our tools and want to learn more about CBPR+, you can contact us at

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