aplonHUB is the fastest and simplest way for banks to add SEPA and SWIFT routing functionality to existing legacy systems. Its light footprint, simple installation and almost unattended operation makes it ideal for small to medium size banks. Yet with its multi-bank and multi-ACH support will enable your bank to consolidate its payments and grow with no limits.

It can function either as a standalone solution or a fully integrated with the existing payments platform. The interfaces provided can be used directly by a payments application to send, receive, reply, cancel SEPA messages with no impact on the back-office system, since you will not need to implement complex XML and SEPA logic directly in the legacy system. Its routing and scheduling features will simplify your operations and will add the necessary control to your payments process.


aplonHUB transacts with the core banking or legacy payment systems in a number of protocols (MQseries, APIs, WebServices, files) to handle all the advanced routing and message transformation needs.

It performs all the needed transformation and validation of your SWIFT or SEPA messages before and after the connection with the SwiftAlliance or Service bureau.

It integrates seamlessly with external AML systems to guarantee compliance.

It acts as your HUB as it routes and splits messages for different BICs (multi-bank) and different clearing systems or corresponding banks (multi-ACH). It does all these for different scheduling settings and for different user authorities.

Simplify your payments
with a single installation

For incoming

  • Parses incoming files and stores messages for future drill-down searches
  • Performs syntax and rules validation and produces alerts
  • Correlates MT19x and MT9xx messages against outgoing payment messages
  • Compares MT300 and MT320 to equivalent outgoing messages for differences
  • Checks messages against 3rd party AML systems for control
  • Transforms and forwards messages to core banking for processing

For outgoing

  • Gets outgoing messages or payment orders produced by the core system
  • Performs syntax and rules validation and produces alerts
  • Stores messages locally for future reference and search
  • Displays related response messages side by side
  • Checks messages against 3rd party AML and only releases the valid ones
  • At specified time intervals, it bulks messages and forwards them to ACHs


Great looking message printing
Messages can be viewed and printed using customizable and branded PDF outputs.
Multi-ACH Support
Multi-ACH support enables banks to either connect to an ACH or a participant bank.
AML integration
AML functionality is provided through full integration with leading 3rd party AML solutions.
Comprehensive Scheduling
Scheduling ensures that the processing of incoming and outgoing files conforms to the time frames and cycles defined by the ACH. Scheduling feature provides independent rules for each bank and ensures that any time zone differences and specific ACH rules are easily catered for.
Advanced Security
Five different user levels, audit trail, strict passoword rules, four eyes authorisation, and action logging are among the advanced security features of aplonHub.
Never miss a payment
Set your country and ACH holidays to control when payment messages can be scheduled and sent.