5 ideas to Kick-Start Platform Oriented Banking
by Sotiris Nossis, Founder & CEO Payment Components
I’ve been working closely with Banks & Financial Institutions for a quarter of a century now, always acting as their trusted advisor & go-to guy for technology.
During the last few years & especially so during the last months, I’m witnessing the FinTech Renaissance unfold before my eyes.
Banks lie at the epicenter of this global earthquake, which is reshaping the landscape of Financial Services worldwide.
It’s my firm belief that, to be successful in this new FinTech world, Banks must react by opening up access to their well kept secrets & embrace a platform oriented approach, akin to what we have been seeing in other global business ecosystems such as the WWW & smartphones.
During several discussions & meetings I’ve crystallized my stance in a set of slides, leading to 5 ideas on how Banks can effectively kick start the transition to Platform oriented banking.
At Payment Components we have been patiently & relentlessly working to create & provide the necessary software components & solutions to empower this transition to the FinTech era in Finance. We pride ourselves in being the Digital Transformation Partners enabling forward thinking Banks to safely & smoothly take the step towards embracing FinTech Innovation and move towards a platform oriented service provision!

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