PaymentComponents and Adastra Partner to Offer Transformative Open Banking and Payments Solutions in Canada and the USA

Athens, Greece: PaymentComponents, an expert in payments and open banking solutions, and Adastra, a leading Global Data & Analytics solutions provider, have entered into a strategic alliance to enable Open Banking and Payments Capabilities in Canada and the USA.
This new strategic partnership expands Adastra’s offerings to include the full suite of PaymentComponents products. The products offered are:
• Open Banking API Management – aplonAPI, built exclusively for Banks and Financial Institutions, includes the necessary APIs, security features, and monetization methods, for forward-thinking institutions to create innovative services (BaaS / BaaP), become PSD2 compliant, and actively participate in the Open Banking revolution.
• Account Aggregator – UNUapi is a multibanking solution to help clients simplify & automate relationships with banks, get a global view of their accounts and achieve greater control.
• Financial Messaging Tools – FINaplo Financial Messages offers financial institutions ready-made, fully tested financial messaging SDK to Build, Validate, Translate SWIFT MT, ISO20022, SEPA, CBPR+, TARGET2 messages, in real-time to accelerate and simplify messaging while remaining compliant with the latest updates.
• Payment HUB – aplonHUB, a single application to handle all account-to-account payment flows. Easy to install and use aplonHUB connects to clients’ back-office to handle incoming and outgoing payments messages, offering unparalleled flexibility, time to market, and cost efficiency.
“We are excited to work closely with PaymentComponents to continue to bring innovative solutions to the fintech sector, in ways that will streamline the functionality and integrations of banks’ core systems.” Edery continued, “the routing and scheduling features being implemented with the solutions implemented with PaymentComponents are designed to simplify our clients’ operations while adding control to their payment processes.” Darren Edery, CEO at Adastra North America
“Collaborating with a tech pioneer such as Adastra allows us to boost our position as a comprehensive fintech solutions provider in the region. The combined strengths from Adastra and PaymentComponents will offer customers exclusive solutions that they can take to market effectively.” Sotiris Nossis, CEO at PaymentComponents
About Adastra
Adastra transforms businesses into digital leaders. Since 2000, Adastra has been helping global organizations accelerate innovation, improve operational excellence, and create unforgettable customer experiences, all with the power of their data. By providing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Digital and Governance services and solutions, Adastra helps enterprises leverage data that they can control and trust, connecting them to their customers – and their customers to the world.
About PaymentComponents
PaymentComponents is a global B2B solution provider for the Open Banking age. It provides open and light software components in payments, financial messaging, and open banking that can transform your business. Our solutions are the necessary ingredients for more than 60 Banks and Financial Institutions spread across 20 countries, to help them innovate and become digital champions.
More information can be found at Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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