Unicâmbio's Leap into Digital Finance: The New Digital Wallet Powered by PaymentComponents and Infosistema

Payment Components, celebrated for its groundbreaking strides in FinTech, joined forces with Infosistema, a powerhouse in technology and business consulting. Together, they have been instrumental in crafting Unicâmbio's digital wallet. The backbone of this innovative solution is aplonAPI™ - the Open Banking platform known for its versatility and robustness.
A Seamless Experience for Users.
Unicâmbio's digital wallet is a game-changer. It brings a seamless experience to users, encompassing a variety of services including depositing funds, viewing transactions, and sending money with ease. This enhancement is more than just a technological upgrade; it's a testament to Unicâmbio's commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital services to its customers.
The Visionaries Behind the Innovation.
PaymentComponents is not just a participant in the FinTech landscape but a trailblazer, constantly pushing the boundaries of financial innovation. "Our partnership with Infosistema to build Unicâmbio's digital wallet exemplifies our dedication to revolutionizing FinTech. Witnessing our aplonAPI™ in action, powering such a dynamic digital wallet, is truly exciting," the CEO of PaymentComponents Ltd shared.
Infosistema's role in this project was pivotal. Their technical expertise combined with business savvy ensured the successful realization of this ambitious project. "Collaborating with PaymentComponents and Unicâmbio was a fulfilling challenge. This project is a showcase of our ability to execute complex technological solutions that propel the financial sector forward," commented an Infosistema spokesperson.

About Payment Components
At Payment Components, we're reshaping the fintech landscape on a global scale. Today, our solutions are the necessary ingredients for more than 65 Banks and FIs spread across 25 countries. We achieve this through perpetual innovation, building software components that help financial institutions to become digital champions and deliver richer payment services to their clients. Our name reflects our belief: complicated processes in the financial industry, will be replaced by AI-assisted dedicated components. We stand for simplicity, speed, and constant innovation.

About Infosistema
Infosistema is a Technology and Business Consulting firm, offering advanced solutions to the Banking and Insurance industries. As part of the JOYN international IT group, Infosistema brings over two decades of experience and a mission to simplify business operations.

About Unicâmbio's
Unicâmbio is a renowned payment institution in Portugal, with over 30 years in the market. Specializing in currency exchange services and international money transfers through Western Union, today its network reaches more than 80 branches in Portugal, 32 in Germany, 2 in Morocco, and 1 in Angola. Unicâmbio has national geographical coverage, and it is present at all the International Airports of Portugal. Unicâmbio is known for its commitment to security, reliability, and high-quality customer service, solidifying its position as one of the leading payment institutions in Portugal.

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