Payment Components Announces Strategic Partnership with Fimple

Payment Components, a forefront provider of payment software solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Fimple, a key player in core banking.
This collaboration is a fusion of Payment Components' expertise in open banking and payment solutions with Fimple's robust core banking services. The goal is to provide an integrated, seamless experience for banks and financial institutions worldwide.
The partnership is set to transform open banking, an area where Payment Components boasts significant experience, particularly in PSD2 implementations. This expertise will greatly enhance Fimple's offerings, further empowering their services in the open banking sector.
This alliance redefines the standards of financial integrations, bridging the gap between traditional banking practices and modern financial technology. It promises a comprehensive suite of services that will not only meet but exceed current banking needs.
With this strategic alliance, Payment Components and Fimple will offer a wide range of tools and services. These include the innovative aplonHUB Payments Hub to modernize banks' payment systems and offer compliance with various financial standards such as ISO20022 (MEPS+, SEPA, FedNow, BAHTNET, etc.), and aplonAPI API Management Platform to assist financial institutions to embrace Open Banking movement.
This partnership is more than an alliance; it's a step towards the future of banking, offering existing and future customers a broader range of sophisticated tools for payments and financial messaging.
As the financial sector continues to evolve, this partnership between Payment Components and Fimple stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving innovation and excellence in financial technology.

About Payment Components
Payment Components is a global B2B solution provider for the Digital Banking age. We provide componentized solutions in a range of domains, from AI Banking, Open Banking, account to account payments, financial messages technology. We focus on the 200B$ banking technology market and help Financial Institutions, Payment Processors, Fintechs and even top tier banks. Today, our solutions are the necessary ingredients for more than 65 Banks and FIs spread across 25 countries, empowering them to drive innovation and become digital champions.

About Fimple
Fimple provides cloud-native core banking platform to banks and non-banks Financial institutions (FI) with monthly-based subscription and pay-as-you-go model. Fimple’s modern technology infrastructure, developed entirely according to open banking and global banking standards, provides access to financial institutions via cloud systems or local data centers. Fimple's innovative approach ensures that newly established financial institutions operate core banking systems with subscription methods without making any hardware and software investments and without high investment requirements. With the flexible structure and robust application infrastructure offered by Fimple, the need for software developers is minimal and rapid product development can be achieved with product-service design tools.

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