Payment Components and Brillio join forces to offer payments solutions worldwide

Payment Components, an expert in AI, payments and open banking solutions, is announcing the partnership with Brillio, a leading digital transformation services provider. The partnership between the two companies is part of Payment Components’s vision to empower ISO 20022 / CBPR+ adoption worldwide and the modernization of payments with AI/ML-empowered financial messages solutions.

This new strategic partnership expands Brillio’s offerings to include the full suite of PaymentComponents products. The products offered are:
  • Our aplonHUB Payments Hub is a must-have solution for any company that wants to quickly expand to new markets and enhance its current product offerings with new payment instruments. Our aplonHUB comes with the option to transform any ISO20022 messaging format, making it simple for financial institutions to handle this.
  • Our FINaplo.AI is an innovative SaaS offering that uses AI and ML to reveal suspicious behaviors, influential accounts, runaway clients, payment corridors, predictions, and lots more by just analyzing SWIFT MT or ISO20022 financial messages. Something like a chatGPT for financial messages.
  • Our Finaplo Financial messages is a comprehensive collection of tools to offer financial messaging libraries to financial institutions, that will help them Build, Validate, and Translate SWIFT MT, ISO20022, SEPA, CBPR+, TARGET2, MEPS+, FedNow, P27, BAHTNET messages, in real-time.
  • Our aplonAPI open banking solution is our open banking-specific API management framework to help FIs safely and securely expose APIs. This award-winning software has helped many banks and FIs worldwide to become open Banking champions.

The two companies are now in a prime position to address the existing market needs for the modernization of payments infrastructures, the adoption of ISO 20022/CBPR+ protocols, and the empowering of banks & corporations to successfully navigate the latest opportunities that arise.

About Payment Components
Payment Components provides componentized solutions in a wide array of domains, from AI Banking, Open Banking, account-to-account payments, and financial messages technology. The company boasts an impressive client portfolio with over 65 clients, including renowned financial Wall Street giants and leading fintech companies. This diverse client base demonstrates the company's proven track record and industry reputation, positioning them as a trusted and reliable partner for financial institutions of various scales and Fintech innovators alike. For more information please contact Zoi Kioustelidou,

About Brillio
Brillio is the partner of choice for many Fortune 1000 companies seeking to turn disruption into a competitive advantage through innovative digital adoption. Backed by Bain Capital, Brillio is one of the fastest-growing digital technology service providers. We help clients harness the transformative potential of the four superpowers of technology: cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and mobility. Born digital in 2014, we apply our expertise in customer experience solutions, data analytics and AI, digital infrastructure and security, and platform and product engineering to help clients quickly innovate for growth, create digital products, build service platforms, and drive smarter, data-driven performance. With 17 locations across the US, Romania, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and India, our growing global workforce of over 6,000 Brillians blends the latest technology and design thinking with digital fluency to solve complex business problems and drive competitive differentiation for our clients. Brillio was certified by Great Place to Work in 2021, 2022, and 2023. For more information please contact

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