Payment Components adds BAHTNET to FINaplo financial messages, empowering banks in Thailand

PaymentComponents, a prominent provider of financial solutions, has expanded its FINaplo financial messaging libraries by incorporating BAHTNET (Bank of Thailand Automated High-value Transfer Network)
BAHTNET is a crucial financial infrastructure that enables Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) of significant fund transfers between financial institutions or other organizations holding deposit accounts at the Bank of Thailand (BOT).
This new addition will help financial institutions in Thailand streamline their payment operations, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency. The FINaplo library for BAHTNET supports both inbound and outbound messages and includes features such as message validation, parsing, and routing.
The addition of BAHTNET to the FINaplo financial messaging libraries comes as an enhancement to our existing libraries, which include the ISO20022 payment schemes of MEPS+, FedNow, P27, and SIC/euroSIC among others. With a focus on innovation, Payment Components continues to invest in its product offerings, enabling its customers to keep pace with the changing landscape of global payments.
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