PaymentComponents expands ISO20022 coverage with the SIC/euroSIC addition to FINaplo Financial Messages

PaymentComponents, a global leader in B2B solutions for the payments and open banking industry, has announced the launch of its SIC/euroSIC financial messaging solution for the Swiss market. This new addition to the company's FINaplo library series will allow banks in the region to easily transition to the new ISO20022 scheme. Recent FINaplo Library launches include P27 in the Nordics, FedNow in the US, and MEPS+ in Singapore.
The FINaplo Financial Messages solution is offered as an embedded (SDK) that can be integrated into banks' existing payments applications. This allows for the easy building, validation, and parsing of financial messages. Additionally, an online service and an API option are available for message validation to speed up testing.
PaymentComponents is dedicated to providing open and light software components in payments, financial messaging, and open banking that can help businesses transform. Their solutions have already been utilized by over 60 banks and financial institutions in more than 25 countries to drive innovation and digitalization.
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