See aplonAPI in action & learn how you can Kick Start your PSD2 Open Banking Project in 2 months!

Automate your Payments

Build your APIs

  • Build your own PSD2 APIs & connect them with your internal endpoints, using aplonAPI to enforce fully customizable payload validation rules

  • Comes “out of the box” with a complete set of ready to use PSD2 APIs

  • Fully customizable security, payload validation, SLAs & Billing

  • Flexible Connectivity Layer, to connect with existing core / back end systems

  • Everything you need to run your internal or public APIs

  • Automatically import existing REST APIs to expedite the creation process

Manage your APIs

  • Use the API Store to administer multiple versions of your exposed APIs

  • Granular Management to control Roles & Permissions of users in a pleasant and easily accessible way

  • Register Client Apps to safeguard bank APIs access

  • Manage Usage and Billing of your APIs with a comprehensive configuration engine

  • Real-time Usage Logging for detailed Auditing & Reporting, with detailed analytics & insights
Reconcile your Transactions
Aggregate your Accounts

Distribute your APIs

  • APIs Portal for Developers with extensive documentation, code examples and live testing functionality

  • Streamlined Registration process, fully integrated with the API Management

  • PSD2 Sandbox environment facilitates agile development & minimal support, including access to multiple virtual accounts

  • Detailed logging & reporting of all transactions to assist in testing & debugging

  • Easily Customizable UI allows seamless integration with your existing Web Site / corporate identity guidelines

aplonAPI™ in Action!

  • aplonAPI offers a Developers Portal and an API Sandbox. The Portal has complete documentation for the APIs and Error Code Responses. Through a safe Sandbox environment, Developers test your APIs before deciding to move ahead to the Live Environment.

  • A light Integration Layer allows you to quickly connect to your backend systems, leaving your Core Banking unaffected.

  • aplonAPI is packed with Advanced Features & Functionalities. For the APIs Runtime management, the admin console allows you to monitor User Roles and APIs usage. Measure calls and responses per API, Authorize & Review Applications, create or edit API Products, define SLA limits and multi-tier billing layers.


aplonAPI comes with the most important PSD2 banking APIs out of the box. It provides you with a solid & necessary foundation to introduce Banking as a Platform & explore the future of Banking Services.


Payment Initiation

Funds Availability

Account Information

Get access to your Free API Sandbox & start testing the APIs


?You can install aplonAPI in your own banking environment or in a Cloud
Banks or financial institutions can adopt the aplonAPI framework, together with the development portal, PSD2 Sandbox and custom made APIs. Integration to core banking processes and internal APIs can be implemented either by the bank IT or the aplonAPI consultants.
?A bank can be PSD2 compliant in 2 months.
In a number of financial institutions, which have adopted our PSD2 APΙ framework, the whole project (from contract signoff to UAT) took between 2 to 4 months. The business decisions (which APIs, to whom to expose, SLAs) and security concerns took most of the time and effort.
?You can add you own APIs
If you have built a service you’d like to expose to others, or use a third party service through API, it's a matter of few clicks to expose in aplonAPI.
?aplonAPI means “Simple API”
Simplicity is embedded in our DNA and is the basis of our corporate mantra “If it’s not simple, It’s Wrong!”. With aplonAPI we try to bring this approach to the complex & ever evolving world of FinTech APIs.


Create your APIs monetization strategy with the new of features of aplonAPI™!

The new features of aplonAPI™ are live! Contact us for more information and start monetizing your open banking today.

PaymentComponents & Infosistema welcome Banco Carregosa to the aplonAPI family!

PaymentComponents & Infosistema welcome Banco Carregosa to the aplonAPI family!

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