Launches FINaplo. The All-in-one Portal for the development community of Financial Messages worldwide.

Reaches the remarkable achievement of 60+ clients in 25+ countries

The account aggregation SDK (UNUapi) is published to enhance the PSD2 offerings and open up to the fintech community

Open Banking platform (aplonAPI) is launched specifically for financial institutions to compete in the open banking age

The development team grows and a new entity and development hub is established in Athens, Greece

The payment HUB application (aplonHUB) is introduced for banks to exchange financial messages in the simplest possible way

Financial message libraries are launched and sold online as downloaded components. Payment Components becomes SWIFT member

Payment Components is founded with offices in London; at the heart of the fintech ecosystem

Built the third financial component. UNUapi, showed that account aggregation was possible. Long before PSD2 and open banking