Use Microservices & APIS to divide & conquer your Legacy Systems

PSD2 For Experts YouTube Series

Follow our PSD2 for Experts series and learn all there is to know about TPP, AISP, PISP and how to execute payments under PSD2.

The benefits of Open Banking and the PSD2 Regulation

Read the latest article for PaymentComponents by The article was published in Greek.

Open Banking, APIs, Fintech Strategy – RBS Documentary

RBS’s Open Banking Strategy and further thoughts on APIs, Fintechs, Disruption and being an incumbent in a post-PSD2 Financial Services Landscape

PSD2 = Multiple Customer Journeys

PSD2 is rapidly becoming a “household name”, across the Banking industry in the EU, fueled by the ticking clock of looming compliance & regulation, as well as the promise of Open Banking opportunities…