Announcing FINaplo Financial Messages: a New Disruptive Financial Messaging Solution for the Future of Payments

PaymentComponents is delighted to announce the launch of FINaplo Financial Messages, a game-changing platform for banks and financial institutions, aiming to dramatically accelerate financial messaging system's development and validation.
This developer friendly platform represents a paradigm shift in how financial services companies build, validate and translate SWIFT MT, ISO20022, SEPA, and CBPR+ messages. Thanks to FINaplo Financial Messages, developers in the financial services industry can find in one place all the tools and services they need to accelerate development and achieve compliance with minimal effort.
The solution announced offers a new way for financial institutions to streamline the processes involved with financial messaging through a radically better system that eliminates complexities and takes development times from months to weeks.
The online validation service included in FINaplo Financial Messages enables companies to instantly validate their messages with a simple online tool. Including the possibility to seamlessly embed it in the company's legacy systems with the API sandbox or by downloading and integrating the entire SDK.
"After observing the evolution of the financial services industry, we determined that now was the right time for an All-in-one Financial Messaging tool, to better respond to the industry needs." said Sotiris Nossis, Founder & CEO of PaymentComponents. "Today, I am particularly proud, as I am convinced that FINaplo Financial Messages represents a key new milestone not just for PaymentComponents but for the global financial services industry as a whole."
It's more than thirty years that PaymentComponents empowers the world's most innovative digital financial services. At the moment, the company provides the necessary ingredients for more than 60 banks and financial institutions spread across 20 countries, to help them innovate and become digital champions.
Find out more about this brand new tool at: and try it for free!

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