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AplonCASH is a modern treasury management system, enabling you to simplify and automate your company’s relationship with banks, through a secure web application installed in your environment. Key Benefits include:

  • A single, unified environment to manage the authorization & execution of payments towards all your banks.
  • Complete view of your entire money status, in a single screen, aggregating information across all your Bank accounts & currencies. There’s no need to use multiple web-banking systems & logins, any more.
  • Assists you in reducing the cost of payments, through the automation of processes & the minimization of inter-banking transactions.
  • Enables the automatic reconciliation of receivable, dramatically reducing the time & effort needed to handle them

Automate your Payments

Automate your Payments

Automatically routes payments from company's internal applications to the relevant bank.

6-eyes authorization ensures payments are authorized before transmission to the bank.

Routes payments from multiple subsidiaries or departments thus centralizes payments managemen.

Schedules communications with multiple banking partners in different cut-off times.

Advanced searching and filtering helps locate historical data and extract hidden information.

Automatically routes current payment statuses from the bank to company's internal applications.

Supports all major protocols such as SWIFT MT, SWIFT MX , SEPA or APIs.

  • aplonCASH TMS was the key Fintech system which empowered the leading of our corporate payments to the Digital era
    Petros Karavitis, Treasurer Interamerican, part of ACHMEA

Reconcile your Transactions

Automatically reconciles your payments against your bank TRXs.

Uses advanced Patern matching to locate those unknown deposits to your accounts.

With Advanced Artificial Iteligence calculates probability matching between TRXs and payments.

Proposes alternatives for human verification.

Eliminates hundrents of working hours and lets you utilize your resources better.

Minimizes fraud higlithing suspicious TRXs, not easily spotted by human eye.
Reconcile your Transactions

Aggregate your Accounts

Aggregate your Accounts

See all your bank accounts & balances under a unified view.

Displays your available cash by currency or country or company or bank.

Provides unlimited history to your accounts or TRXs.

Lets you export all your history in well defined excels or reports.

Filter your data in any way to see those hidden fees or movements.

Integrates with your bank in many international protocols or public APIs.

Analyze your Data

Choose from a dozen of Dashboard Charts such as:

Compare your payments of this year versus last year.

See those hidden banking fees.

Group your Payments per company or department or period.

Compare Authorized payments VS available funds.

Understand Seasonality of payments.

Those crazy excel days are over. See your beautifull reports on your desctop or your mobile.
Analyze your Data

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