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PaymentComponents Ltd is a catalyst, empowering FinTech Innovation in Financial Institutions, Corporates and FinTechs.

PaymentComponents is a unique amalgam, bonding deep Financial Services understanding, expertise in developing mission critical Financial systems and the latest trends in FinTech innovation.

Our API Framework provides a complete, PSD2 compliant, solution for Financial Institutions to actively participate in the FinTech (R)evolution. It empowers the creation, testing & growth of Platform Based services & fosters the collaboration with the rapidly growing FinTech community.

Through treasury management systems, automated payments & reconciliation solutions, we provide a hassle-free path to FinTech benefits, for Corporates.

Via software components, support and know-how, we enable Rapid & Agile development of SWIFT & SEPA compliant FinTech applications worldwide.

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Payment Components is proud to be a member of Innovate Finance - an independent not for profit membership organization serving the global FinTech community.
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Our Partners

PaymentComponents Ltd, proudly announces the establishment of a strategic partnership, with Infosistema, for the Iberia region. This partnership will, among others, empower Banks, in Portugal & Spain, to become PSD2 compliant in record time! Starting from February 2017, Infosistema is the exclusive partner / reseller, for the solutions developed by PaymentComponents, in Portugal & Spain.

ADSI has entered partnerships with world-class suppliers specialized in the development of solutions for the financial sector recognized by industry analysts as leaders in various useful applications for banking business management.

The partnership between NETinfo & PaymentComponents ensures all digital channels, including APIs, are part of the same omnichannel Banking solution. We empower Banks and Financial Institutions choosing the NETteller solution, to comply with the European Union’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), in record time, streamline their APIs integration strategy and offer account owners complete security control across all Digital Channels, at a centralized web banking dashboard.

Starting from October 2017, Kinexus is the exclusive partner / reseller, for aplonAPI, aplonCASH and aplonHUB in Africa. The partnership between Kinexus & PaymentComponents will now enable banks in Africa to reap the benefits of open banking and to quickly add message routing (eg. ISO20022, SWIFT MT) functionality to existing legacy systems. Also, corporates in the region will now be able to simplify & automate their transactions with banks.