SWIFT MX libraries is a java SDK that will help you build you next generation application that will always be compliant with the latest SWIFT MX standards. All you need to do, is to add a jar to your project and start using the rich and full proof methods to build or validate SWIFT MX messages.

Whether you are building a BPO (Bank Payment Obligation) or Cash Management application, use our libraries to accelerate your project development. No need to spend endless weeks reading and understanding the SWIFT rulebooks to handle SWIFT messages. Perform Syntax and Rules validations with just a call of a method. So you are always sure the created messages are valid. Mapping from SWIFT MT to SWIFT MX is simplified and message archiving and reporting is simpler than ever.

If you want to test the libraries with your application, download a free demo package from the button to the right.

The libraries pay off


There are three types of licenses you can buy. Single, Cloud and Unlimited
They are all one-off perpetual licenses. This means you buy it only once and you can use it forever. They are for unlimited users, TRXs or CPUs. Single is for a single installation of a single application. Cloud is for a single cloud application while unlimited is for selected customers.
To keep your libraries updated with the latest rules, you need to buy an annual maintenance contract
Maintenance contracts (we call them value contracts) are annual and are priced at 25% of the purchased license cost. Along with continuous improvements and compliance releases, value contract entitles you to free and unlimited technical support!
Pricing the SWIFT MX products
The PaymentComponents SWIFT MX libraries include the following products. SWIFT_MXvalidator
These products can be purchased for one or more of the following message categories: acmt, admi, auth, caaa, camt, catm, pacs, pain, reda, seev, semt, sese, setr, trea, tsin, tsmt, tsrv. Or you can purchase the whole SWIFT MX Suite that includes all categories in a discount price.

What is SWIFT MX?

SWIFT MX is the next generation SWIFT standard for international messaging that utilizes the XML format based on ISO 20022. The ISO 20022 describes a Metadata Repository that contains descriptions of messages and business processes, as well as a maintenance process for the Repository Content. The metadata has been shared and standardized across the industry, and is stored in UML models with a special ISO 20022 UML Profile. Finally, the metadata is transformed into the syntax of messages used in financial networks.

A SWIFT MX message format

Each MX message has a name and an identifier. The message name is human-readable, while the message identifier is a unique structured computer-readable identifier for use by systems and applications. An MX message is being exchanged in a particular business area and is closely associated with it. Moreover, the message area can be used to route messages.
acmt - Account Management
acmt.001.001.06, acmt.002.001.06, acmt.003.001.06, acmt.005.001.04, acmt.006.001.05, acmt.007.001.02, acmt.008.001.02, acmt.009.001.02, acmt.010.001.02, acmt.011.001.02, acmt.012.001.02, acmt.013.001.02, acmt.014.001.02, acmt.015.001.02, acmt.016.001.02, acmt.017.001.02, acmt.018.001.02, acmt.019.001.02, acmt.020.001.02, acmt.021.001.02, acmt.022.001.02, acmt.023.001.02, acmt.024.001.02
admi - Administration
admi.002.001.01, admi.004.001.02, admi.009.001.02, admi.010.001.02, admi.011.001.01
auth - Authorities
auth.001.001.01, auth.002.001.01, auth.003.001.01, auth.008.001.02, auth.009.001.02, auth.010.001.01, auth.011.001.01, auth.012.001.01, auth.013.001.01, auth.014.001.01, auth.015.001.01, auth.018.001.01, auth.019.001.01, auth.020.001.01, auth.021.001.01, auth.022.001.01, auth.023.001.01, auth.024.001.01, auth.025.001.01, auth.026.001.01, auth.027.001.01, auth.028.001.01
caaa - Acceptor to Acquirer Card Transactions
caaa.001.001.05, caaa.002.001.05, caaa.003.001.05, caaa.004.001.05, caaa.005.001.05, caaa.006.001.05, caaa.007.001.05, caaa.008.001.05, caaa.009.001.05, caaa.010.001.05, caaa.011.001.05, caaa.012.001.05, caaa.013.001.05, caaa.014.001.05, caaa.015.001.05, caaa.016.001.03, caaa.017.001.03
caam - ATM Management
caam.001.001.02, caam.002.001.02, caam.003.001.02, caam.004.001.02, caam.005.001.02, caam.006.001.02, caam.007.001.01, caam.008.001.01, caam.009.001.02, caam.010.001.02, caam.011.001.01, caam.012.001.01
camt - Cash Management
camt.026.001.04, camt.027.001.04, camt.028.001.06, camt.029.001.06, camt.030.001.04, camt.031.001.04, camt.032.001.03, camt.033.001.04, camt.034.001.04, camt.035.001.03, camt.036.001.03, camt.037.001.04, camt.038.001.03, camt.039.001.04, camt.040.001.04, camt.041.001.04, camt.042.001.04, camt.043.001.04, camt.044.001.03, camt.045.001.03, camt.052.001.06, camt.053.001.06, camt.054.001.06, camt.055.001.05, camt.056.001.05, camt.057.001.05, camt.058.001.05, camt.059.001.05, camt.060.001.03, camt.061.001.02, camt.062.001.03, camt.063.001.02, camt.086.001.02, camt.087.001.03
catm - Terminal Management
catm.001.001.05, catm.002.001.05, catm.003.001.05, catm.004.001.04, catm.005.001.02, catm.006.001.02, catm.007.001.01, catm.008.001.01
catp - ATM Card Transactions
colr.003.001.04, colr.004.001.04, colr.005.001.04, colr.006.001.04, colr.007.001.04, colr.008.001.04, colr.009.001.04, colr.010.001.04, colr.011.001.04, colr.012.001.04, colr.013.001.04, colr.014.001.04, colr.015.001.04, colr.016.001.03
colr - Collateral Management
colr.003.001.04, colr.004.001.04, colr.005.001.04, colr.006.001.04, colr.007.001.04, colr.008.001.04, colr.009.001.04, colr.010.001.04, colr.011.001.04, colr.012.001.04, colr.013.001.04, colr.014.001.04, colr.015.001.04, colr.016.001.03
fxtr - Foreign Exchange Trade
fxtr.008.001.05, fxtr.013.001.03, fxtr.014.001.03, fxtr.015.001.03, fxtr.016.001.03, fxtr.017.001.03, fxtr.030.001.03, fxtr.031.001.01, fxtr.032.001.01, fxtr.033.001.01, fxtr.034.001.01, fxtr.035.001.01, fxtr.036.001.01, fxtr.037.001.01, fxtr.038.001.01
pacs - Payments Clearing and Settlement
pacs.002.001.07, pacs.003.001.06, pacs.004.001.06, pacs.007.001.06, pacs.008.001.06, pacs.009.001.06, pacs.010.001.02

Business Area Codes

A business area is composed of a set of strongly related business activities that provide a self-standing business value to the industry. Business areas cover the FIN domains, the related codes, and the existing SWIFT Standards MX messages. The PaymentComponents SWIFT MX libraries support all relevant activity categories. Namely:

pain - Payments Initiation
pain.001.001.07, pain.002.001.07, pain.007.001.06, pain.008.001.06, pain.009.001.04, pain.010.001.04, pain.011.001.04, pain.012.001.04, pain.013.001.05, pain.014.001.05
reda - Reference Data
reda.001.001.04, reda.002.001.04, reda.004.001.02, reda.005.001.02, reda.056.001.01, reda.057.001.01, reda.058.001.01, reda.059.001.01
remt - Payments Remittance Advice
remt.001.001.02, remt.002.001.01
secl - Securities Clearing
secl.001.001.03, secl.002.001.03, secl.003.001.03, secl.004.001.03, secl.005.001.02, secl.006.001.02, secl.007.001.03, secl.008.001.03, secl.009.001.03, secl.010.001.03
seev - Securities Events
seev.001.001.05, seev.002.001.05, seev.003.001.05, seev.004.001.05, seev.005.001.05, seev.006.001.05, seev.007.001.05, seev.008.001.05, seev.009.001.01, seev.010.001.01, seev.011.001.01, seev.012.001.01, seev.013.001.01, seev.014.001.01, seev.015.001.01, seev.016.001.01, seev.017.001.01, seev.018.001.01, seev.019.001.01, seev.020.001.01, seev.021.001.01, seev.022.001.01, seev.023.001.01, seev.024.001.01, seev.025.001.01, seev.026.001.01, seev.027.001.01, seev.028.001.01, seev.029.001.01, seev.030.001.01, seev.031.001.06, seev.032.001.05, seev.033.001.06, seev.034.001.07, seev.035.001.07, seev.036.001.07, seev.037.001.07, seev.038.001.04, seev.039.001.06, seev.040.001.06, seev.041.001.06, seev.042.001.05, seev.044.001.06
semt - Securities Management
semt.001.001.03, semt.002.001.09, semt.003.001.09, semt.004.001.02, semt.005.001.02, semt.006.001.03, semt.007.001.03, semt.013.001.04, semt.014.001.04, semt.015.001.05, semt.016.001.05, semt.017.001.06, semt.018.001.07, semt.019.001.05, semt.020.001.05, semt.021.001.06, semt.022.001.03, semt.023.001.01, semt.024.001.01, semt.041.001.01, semt.042.001.01
sese - Securities Settlement
sese.001.001.07, sese.002.001.07, sese.003.001.07, sese.004.001.07, sese.005.001.07, sese.006.001.07, sese.007.001.07, sese.008.001.07, sese.009.001.05, sese.010.001.05, sese.011.001.05, sese.012.001.07, sese.013.001.07, sese.014.001.07, sese.018.001.05, sese.019.001.04, sese.020.001.05, sese.021.001.04, sese.022.001.04, sese.023.001.06, sese.024.001.07, sese.025.001.06, sese.026.001.05, sese.027.001.05, sese.028.001.05, sese.029.001.04, sese.030.001.06, sese.031.001.07, sese.032.001.06, sese.033.001.06, sese.034.001.06, sese.035.001.06, sese.036.001.05, sese.037.001.04, sese.038.001.04, sese.039.001.04, sese.040.001.02
setr - Securities Trade
setr.001.001.03, setr.002.001.03, setr.003.001.03, setr.004.001.03, setr.005.001.03, setr.006.001.03, setr.007.001.03, setr.008.001.03, setr.009.001.03, setr.010.001.03, setr.011.001.03, setr.012.001.03, setr.013.001.03, setr.014.001.03, setr.015.001.03, setr.016.001.03, setr.017.001.03, setr.018.001.03, setr.027.001.03, setr.029.001.01, setr.030.001.01, setr.044.001.02, setr.047.001.01, setr.048.001.01, setr.049.001.01, setr.050.001.01, setr.051.001.01, setr.052.001.01, setr.053.001.01, setr.054.001.01, setr.055.001.01, setr.056.001.01, setr.057.001.01, setr.058.001.01
tsin - Trade Services Initiation
tsin.001.001.01, tsin.002.001.01, tsin.003.001.01, tsin.004.001.01, tsin.005.001.01, tsin.006.001.01, tsin.007.001.01, tsin.008.001.01, tsin.009.001.01, tsin.010.001.01, tsin.011.001.01, tsin.012.001.01, tsin.013.001.01
tsmt - Trade Services Management
tsmt.001.001.03, tsmt.002.001.04, tsmt.003.001.03, tsmt.004.001.02, tsmt.005.001.02, tsmt.006.001.03, tsmt.007.001.02, tsmt.008.001.03, tsmt.009.001.05, tsmt.010.001.03, tsmt.011.001.04, tsmt.012.001.05, tsmt.013.001.03, tsmt.014.001.05, tsmt.015.001.03, tsmt.016.001.03, tsmt.017.001.05, tsmt.018.001.05, tsmt.019.001.05, tsmt.020.001.02, tsmt.021.001.03, tsmt.022.001.02, tsmt.023.001.03, tsmt.024.001.03, tsmt.025.001.03, tsmt.026.001.02, tsmt.027.001.02, tsmt.028.001.03, tsmt.029.001.02, tsmt.030.001.03, tsmt.031.001.03, tsmt.032.001.03, tsmt.033.001.03, tsmt.034.001.03, tsmt.035.001.03, tsmt.036.001.03, tsmt.037.001.03, tsmt.038.001.03, tsmt.040.001.03, tsmt.041.001.03, tsmt.042.001.03, tsmt.044.001.02, tsmt.045.001.02, tsmt.046.001.01, tsmt.047.001.01, tsmt.048.001.01, tsmt.049.001.01, tsmt.050.001.01, tsmt.051.001.01, tsmt.052.001.01, tsmt.053.001.01, tsmt.054.001.01, tsmt.055.001.01
tsrv - Trade Services
tsrv.001.001.01, tsrv.002.001.01, tsrv.003.001.01, tsrv.004.001.01, tsrv.005.001.01, tsrv.006.001.01, tsrv.007.001.01, tsrv.008.001.01, tsrv.009.001.01, tsrv.010.001.01, tsrv.011.001.01, tsrv.012.001.01, tsrv.013.001.01, tsrv.014.001.01, tsrv.015.001.01, tsrv.016.001.01, tsrv.017.001.01, tsrv.018.001.01, tsrv.019.001.01