Our SEPA validation libraries support all SEPA CT and SEPA DD messages for “Payments Clearing and Settlement”, “Payments Initiation” and “Cash Management” defined by the SEPA Rulebook. All you need to do, is to add a jar to your project and start using the rich and full proof methods to build, validate or manipulate SEPA messages.

Make your payment system or Bank SEPA compliant with minimal effort utilizing ready to use parse, build and validate SEPA methods. Build a SEPA payment HUB in a fraction of time expected, utilizing ready to use and tested methods for all R transactions. Reverse, Recall, Cancel and Return SEPA messages automatically without the need to fully comprehend the rulebooks.

Download the demo SEPAprocessor, from the button to the right.

The libraries pay off


There are three types of licenses you can buy. Single, Cloud and Unlimited
They are all one-off perpetual licenses. This means you buy it only once and you can use it forever. The are for unlimited users, TRXs or CPUs. Single is for a single installation of a single application. Cloud is for a single cloud application while unlimited is for selected customers.
To keep your libraries updated with the latest rules, you need to buy an annual maintenance contract
Maintenance contracts (we call them value contracts) are annual and are priced at 25% of the purchased license cost. Along with continuous improvements and compliance releases, value contract entitles you to free and unlimited technical support!
Pricing the SEPA products
PaymentComponents includes all the SEPA functionality in a single product, the SEPAprocessor.
SEPAprocessor is sold as a suite and handles the following messages:

• FIToFICustomerCreditTransfer (pacs.008), • PaymentStatusReport (pacs.002), • PaymentReturn (pacs.004),
• FIToFIPaymentCancellationRequest (camt.056), • ResolutionOfInvestigation (camt.029),
• CustomerCreditTransferInitiation (pain.001), • PaymentStatusReport (pain.002)

What is SEPA?

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. It is actually an initiative of the European Union in order to simplify bank transfers denominated in euro. The basic goal of SEPA is to facilitate the payments made in euro and across Europe with a fast, safe and efficient way. As a result, payment transactions will not be different from domestic payments and customers will be able to make cashless euro payments to anyone located anywhere in the SEPA area, using a single bank account and a set of payment instruments. In total, there are 34 countries in the SEPA area. These are the existing 28 EU member states of the European Union, together with Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland. To implement a SEPA compliant application, you need a SEPA Validator tool.

SEPA categories supported by our libraries
Payments Clearing and Settlement (pacs)
  • FIToFICustomerCreditTransfer (pacs.008)
  • PaymentStatusReport (pacs.002)
  • PaymentReturn (pacs.004)
Cash Management (camt)
  • FIToFIPaymentCancellationRequest (camt.056)
  • ResolutionOfInvestigation (camt.029)
Payments Initiation (pain)
  • CustomerCreditTransferInitiation (pain.001)
  • PaymentStatusReport (pain.002)