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The ultimate collection of tools and applications for financial messages

Used by thousands of developers and a multitude of financial companies worldwide

Check how the tools below can help in your most demanding financial messaging projects

Working with SWIFT MT or ISO20022 transformation or SEPA instant payments was never so easy

Do you build SWIFT, ISO20022 and SEPA messages and want to check their validity

Do you have financial messages and you want to make sure they conform to the latest rules?

Financial Messages Checker is the ultimate online tool to validate your SWIFT MT, ISO20022 and SEPA messages. The 1st choice by financial developers worldwide to verify the validity of their messages.

Just paste the message in the Financial Messages Checker and let it spell it out for you. It will show you line by line and tag by tag what is wrong and will give you instructions to fix it. The best way to accelerate your development and prevent costly errors.

No software installations, no hardware requirements or upfront investment required. Sign up to our secure cloud service and get started immediately. Once you are in, you can start testing your financial messages.

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  • Your Swift libraries has reduced our weeks of development, to two days of effort!
    Sampad Bhoi, Cognizant
  • Your SWIFT validator & processor work well. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals successfully
    Kumar Jasti, CityGroup