Payment Components, have been serving corporations’ treasury management solution requirements for over eight years. One of the very first questions we’re often asked by prospective clients is; How much does a treasury management system (TMS) solution cost?
Now, as much as the cost is obviously an important consideration, when considering the purchase of a treasury management application, consideration must also be given to level and costs of ongoing support and maintenance once your new solution is live.
And, the fact is, it’s not possible to give an exact answer to either question, without having a detailed knowledge of a client’s actual needs and business environment so we will give you an overview of how a treasury management application cost is established, but before we do, we will give a brief explanation of Payment Components solution.
aplonCash TMS
Payment Components treasury management solution is called aplonCash and is designed to help corporations automate and effectively manage their payments. aplonCash provides an automated electronic payment solution that can integrate easily with existing corporate systems and acts as an interface between a company’s internal systems and their banking partners and produces outgoing payments in the industry standard SWIFT and SEPA formats and processes incoming validation files.
You can see an overview of aplonCash architecture in the following diagram and learn more about features & functionality here
The cost conundrum
Now, the key to determining the actual cost of a treasury management solution is to work out how many banking partners a corporate will need to integrate their system with, as each connected bank requirement will bring additional complexities and related costs.
The next consideration to determine is whether the treasury management license arrangement is structured as an annual renewable licence or as a perpetual license.
And once you’ve determined the amount of banks you require your treasury management to connect with, and then determined what type of license arrangement you require, your maintenance and support requirements will need to be considered, but as an outline, the cost of maintenance and support can represent around sixteen percent of the initial purchase price. And with regard to maintenance and support, it’s important to remember that not all maintenance and support plans are equal between the various treasury management application solution providers so we recommend you establish exactly what’s actually included within the maintenance and support agreement, including which team members senior or junior and inhouse or outsourced will be responsible for handling any support or maintenance needs and the agreed response times.
So, determining exactly, ‘how much does a treasury management application solution cost?’ without a thorough understanding of a client’s specific requirements and business situation is not entirely possible, but we hope this article will give you a clearer understanding of how the cost of a treasury management application is determined and that this will help with your the quotations and costings for your specific project. And we’d be delighted to provide you with a full and comprehensive Payment Components quotation for your specific treasury management application needs.

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